Magnum Opus: Volvo 90 Series

The Volvo 90 Series are the pinnacle of the Scandinavian car maker. They embody the very best of Volvo's unparalleled innovation in safety, packaged in completely new design language.

At 6:00 in the evening, on the 24th of October 2016, doors opened at the Shangri-La Fort's Grand Ballroom, as Volvo Philippines graciously hosted a dinner ball to celebrate their Magnum Opus. Well, technically the doors opened at around past 7, but they did serve cocktails and a fine selection of wine as we patiently waited for the event to start. It was great because we were able to take a look at the Bowers & Wilkins display, a HiFi audio specialist that has recently partnered with Volvo. The place was beautifully lit. 

Raspberry pistachio mille feuille, chocolate dusted and berries compote

Grilled scallop, poached tiger prawn, lump crab meat tian, citrus salad and a touch of gazpacho dressing

Opus Macchina with Iñigo Roces

Eventually, we were lead to table 21, wherein we feasted on a gastronomic 6 course gourmet dinner. In fact, the food was too pretty, almost ornate, that it hurt to eat it. The evening was filled with musical performances and speeches by Volvo's top honchos as well as the Swedish Ambassador to the Philippines. It was stratospherically classy and tastefully done. If this is at all a tell-tale sign of the things to come from the brand, then I am certain that they are the ones to watch out for in the next couple of years. 


With over 118 awards since its global launch, Volvo’s new XC90 SUV has earned nods and accolades the world over. All have agreed that Volvo has indeed come up with the best automobile to date especially with its award-winning interface, design and engine. Garnering votes as Car of the Year, Best Luxury SUV, and Overall Best in Class, among others, motoring institutions, publications and associations all gave top marks to Volvo’s reincarnation of its world-first 7-seater SUV.

Strong and exceptional, the new Volvo XC90 is a delight to the senses with an overall package that spells out the ultimate in Swedish luxury. Wrapped with features that benefit the user, the XC90 is a confident looker, carrying Volvo’s new design language and strutting its curves with utmost confidence. Its unparalleled safety and reduced environmental impact spell a world of difference, delivering first-class comfort, exhilarating drive, and a clear conscience. 

No Compromises.


The S90 is Volvo’s new premium 4-door, 5-seat flagship sedan. It is built on the new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA), Volvo’s advanced modular product platform that will underpin all new Volvo cars in the 90 and 60 Series. Like its sibling, the XC90, the S90 carries the proud and confident face of Volvo’s new design language, along with classic Volvo styling cues. The S90 is powered by Volvo’s Drive-E powertrains, with petrol and diesel options, as well as Volvo’s T8 Twin Engine, a petrol plug-in hybrid mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. 

The T8 Twin Engine delivers more than 45 kilometers of pure electric range and a total power output of 410 hp. Volvo’s City Safety Technology, standard on all Volvo models, combines automatic braking functionality and collision avoidance systems to cover a range of potential accident scenarios and help keep you safe. The S90 already offers semi-autonomous drive with Pilot Assist, which works up to 130 km/h on clearly marked roads. Pilot Assist is another step towards Volvo’s Vision 2020, which states that no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo by 2020.

The Executive Saloon Redefined

Jessica Lee

Although unmistakably Volvo, the complete redesign of these icons have been the best of the brand as far as I can remember. The XC90 which was launched before the S90, has to be the most important automobile to ever be relaunched by the brand.

Nicole Laurel Asensio

Crucially, the XC90 would dictate the very existence of Volvo - a lingering thought that it has surely answered. Both of their 90 Series cars are unquestionably their clearest path to success. It was an absolute privilege to dine with all of you. Thank you for having us, Volvo Philippines.  

L-R: Stefano Marcelo, Paolo Ella, Miguel Olfindo, Kaye Olfindo, and Enzo Teodoro

Magnum Opus.

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