a love letter to cars

Enzo Teodoro


Enzo has been in the automotive industry since he graduated from college in 2010. His first job was at C! Magazine Inc., a publication whose magazines he had been collecting as a young teenager, wherein he took the post of Junior Editor. It was there that he honed his skills in writing and testing cars under the magazine's founders Kevin Limjoco and Carl Cunanan, as well as then Editor-in-Chief, James Deakin. 

Years after that, he decided to jump into the corporate world, landing a post as the Product Specialist for Asian Carmakers Corporation, the sole distributor of BMW in the Philippines. It was there that he learned and understood the marketing and sales division of large automotive giants. He created a portfolio and 'built' cars specifically for the Philippine market, a feat that he realized wasn't as easy as it seemed - as he learned from his bosses and mentors BMW Marketing Director Karl Magsuci, former BMW Executive Director and now President of Peugeot Glen Dasig, and BMW President Maricar Parco. 

Eventually, Enzo would then leave to pursue a career in the insurance industry in a quest to try something outside the automotive industry. He would then assume a post as the Marketing Director of New Media Factory. Regardless of where he was, he could never be too far away from his one true passion in life: CARS. Enzo's passion for cars runs extremely deep, and his meticulous and snooty nature are one of the reasons why Opus Macchina was conceived alongside his partners. He strives to push the envelope in motoring journalism in the Philippines by raising the bar in areas of art and content for the highest possible standard of execution.